Ghost Salika Seng! Porto extends 5-year contract with Costa goalkeeper

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Porto do not want to lose Diogo Costa out of the team on a cheap basis. Hastily managed to extend the contract for another 5 years and set a release clause of approximately 66 million pounds. After the news was reported with many famous teams at this time.

FC Porto have extended their contract with goalkeeper Diogo Costa for another five years or until 2027. After being targeted by the big teams in the European League, especially Manchester United and Newcastle United, the two teams in the English Premier League who want to have a look at the poles next season.

Ghost Salika Seng! Porto extends 5-year contract with Costa goalkeeper

The 23-year-old has just made history as the first goalkeeper to save three consecutive Champions League penalties. The latest happened in the game that the agency defeated Club Brugge 4-0 on Wednesday night, November 2 past. While his previous form impressed the scouts of the big teams.

Last October, the names of Newcastle and the Red Devils were listed in local media outlet Records, indicating that the two clubs were seriously interested, with the Magpies looking to strengthen their defense despite There is already an outstanding first-choice Nick Pope , but as Loris Karius is only signed until January. So had to look for another goalkeeper instead.

While United still need an outpost who can use his feet well. And can open the ball accurately, even if David de Gea will show a super save. But his contract expires at the end of this season. And there is a condition to extend the contract for another year, but Erik ten Hag can find a UFABET goal that is suitable for his tactics. Plus the form is not secondary. It’s probably an interesting option.

Fabrizio Romano, famous hawker The report added that Team from Portugal Set the release price at 66 million pounds, or about 2,800 million baht, which is a high value. But the financial potential of both teams is likely to be seized if they really want to. In addition, Barcelona in the fierce Bull League has squinted at Costa as well.