Manchester United legend stuck on brakes, don’t support Mainu just yet, serving England at Euro 2024

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Dimitar Berbatov pulls the handbrake to regain his composure, not yet praising Cobbi Mainu, the rising star of Manchester United, to the point of being included in the England national team to compete in Euro 2024, the final round in the middle of this year.

Manchester United legend stuck on brakes, don't support Mainu just yet, serving England at Euro 2024

Legendary Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov pulls the handbrake to calm supporters. Don’t praise the Red Devils’ rising midfielder, Cobbi Mainu, yet . To the point of being named to the England national team to compete in the Euro 2024 final round in the middle of this year. Tell the players to have fun playing. Create development first Don’t expect too high to be a key man for both club and national team.

The 18-year-old midfielder has emerged as a regular in Eric ten Hag’s side this season and has played well, scoring two goals, and has started to attract cheers from England. Berbatov said: “It’s exciting. To see players like Mainu, especially when they are so talented. But it has to be done step by step… Don’t jump when you need to be steady.”

“Let’s ignore it and start talking about Mainu being picked by Gareth Southgate for the Euros. This summer with the England national team.”

“It is clear that Ten Hag trusts Mainu and knows how to handle him. So everything will follow according to time. We have to enjoy what is happening now. And don’t look too far, let Mainu play his game.”

The legendary Bulgarian striker added: “Sometimes we judge players too quickly. Whether it’s good or bad, just let Mainu play and don’t put too much pressure on him. He is too young for that right now.”

“He is doing very well now. So we have to let him do it. let him play Let him enjoy himself. The goal he scored against Wolves was outstanding. Because it shows that he is mature beyond his years. He had the courage to try different things in the field. In the last minute of the game And it was a special time.”

“Mainu is a special player. But like all 18-year-olds, we have to let them play. Because right now, Cobby is enjoying football in its purest form. And that’s what I love to see.”

The 18-year-old midfielder plays for the England youth team. It’s been ten rounds. Has played 13 games for the Red Devils, scoring 2 goals in the FA Cup game against Newport County and the winning goal to defeat Wolves 4-3.