Pep is very pleased with the players who made their debut on the sailing field + reveals plans during the World Cup

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola paid special tribute to his team. After City’s win over Sevilla in the Champions League group stage last night past.

     Pep Guardiola has expressed his admiration for Rico Luis after the Manchester City youngster made history in the Blues’3-1 win over Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League. Champions League finals at the Etihad Stadium last night with the 17-year-old scoring in the opening game as his side come back from behind. Come win in the final match of the group stage 

Pep is very pleased with the players who made their debut on the sailing field + reveals plans during the World Cup

          Last night’s game, Manchester City fell behind when former Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Rafa Mir And Nottingham Forest headed Sevilla into the lead in the first half and Luis equalized for the Blues in the second half when Julian Alvarez thumped the ball through the hole.

Allowing the 17-year-old back to smash into a narrow corner, squeeze the post decisively past Yassin Bunu and be a moment the youngster will remember for the rest of his life. At 17 years and 346 days, he became a goalscorer. In the Champions League, Manchester City’s youngest

          Then in the 70th minute Guardiola sent Kevin De Bruyne to replace Cole Palmer and the Belgian’s engine room took just three minutes. Pass a Killer Pass to escape the Sevilla line for Alvarez. Slipped into touch the ball to avoid the visiting goalkeeper before hitting the net in the 73th minute for Manchester City to overtake the lead 2-1 and in the 83rd minute, the hosts led 3-1 when Alvarez organized an assist. 2nd place for Riyad Mahrez to break through Bunu’s hand into the net before the UFABET game ends with the aforementioned score

          Guardiola said after the game against BT Sport: “We had a problem. (In the first half)” “In the first half the children tried hard but the second half is better It’s a really good goal. I’m happy with everyone.” “In the second half we put the players closer to the penalty area than before. because in the first half they were slightly more on the edge of the line.” For Lewis’ goal and Form of play in his debut game Guardiola added: “What a really good goal. He’s a great player, very smart, he understands everything. He scored great goals and played really well.”

    The Manchester City manager previously revealed what he will do during the World Cup. Many of his players are scheduled to play at the tournament, which kicks off on 20 November, meaning he will be absent from the Premier League from 12 November, when his team face Bren. Ford’s until December 28, when the Blues will face Leeds. But instead of flying to Qatar to see the form of the players. The Spaniard would choose to watch the World Cup as a fan in his lavish Manchester accommodation, and he would also let Erling Haaland and Riyad Mahrez enjoy the holidays. of them before training in warm weather in the United Arab Emirates.

         Guardiola said: “The best way to enjoy the World Cup is at home with red wine.” Then we will work here. maybe go to abu dhabi “ Not sure yet, but we will train, come back on December 28 and prepare for the return as much as possible.” “We will be spending three weeks here in the winter in Manchester. “Then it’s a break with a good practice session and good weather where our owners are.” “It’s not 100 per cent confirmed, but we’ll try.”