Reveals what Carnacho asked Ronaldo after scoring his first goal for Manchester United

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Manchester United forward Alejandro Carnacho has revealed what Cristiano Ronaldo asked for. After scoring against Real Sociedad in the Europa League. last night

 Alejandro Carnacho asked Cristiano Ronaldo’s permission to make his new ‘sleep’ celebrationafter the Argentinian international scored his first goal for Manche. Lester United in their Europa League group stage final last night. The shot was even more special for the 18th as it was a goal scored by a pass. of his idol, Ronaldo. It is truly the first door of dreams.

Reveals what Carnacho asked Ronaldo after scoring his first goal for Manchester United

          As he celebrates the goal with his Manchester United team-mates. It can be seen that Carnano asked Ronaldo for permission to perform the Portuguese superstar’s new celebration.  This heart-warming moment caused Ronaldo to laugh before he stroked Carnacho’s head and allowed him to do as he asked. His teammates and five-time Ballon d’Or winners cheered.

Carnacho took to social media after the game to thank Ronaldo for making it a night he will never forget. He tweeted, “18 years and 125 days that I dream of this moment. Thank you idol @Cristiano.” Carnacho was also praised by Manchester United legends Paul Scholes and Oh. Wen Hargreaves, who is full of praise for the young striker. At halftime, the duo credited him for the UFABET team’s performance on BT Sport , saying:

          “I am very satisfied with this young man. He is Manchester United’s best player,” Scholes said. He took it off his feet and smashed it into the top corner. I think he is the most dangerous in the offensive line on the pitch. I don’t think the goalkeeper can do a good job for that goal. But it’s a good finish.” Meanwhile , Hargreaves added: “That’s good for a young boy. They play with real enthusiasm. every time he touches the ball he will run forward His first touch was amazing. It’s good to see him being recommended by Cristiano (Ronaldo).” “He’s a really good player. And it’s nice to see him play on the biggest stage.”

  Usually we are familiar with that when Ronaldo scores a goal against his opponent. He will regularly run and jump to do “Siuuu” moves . But the game he scored against Everton last month, the 37-year-old took on a new celebration. After scoring his 700th career goal: Close your eyes and put your hands together on your chest. which the official website of Manchester United later came out to explain that it was Sleeping in the car of the “CR7” that I do regularly when traveling with the team. which he took this pose to tease himself 

         It has been revealed that One of Ronaldo’s health care plans In addition to exercising and eating a healthy diet is to Find time to take a nap to rejuvenate your exhausted body.  He takes naps 5 times a day, around 90 minutes each, for a total of 6 hours or more. which sometimes sleeps up to 7 and a half hours.