Son Heung-min’s healing timeframe revealed after cheekbone surgery

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An approximate time frame has been revealed. Son Heung-min is resting after undergoing surgery on an injured cheekbone during Tuesday’s Champions League game.

Son Heung-min will undergo surgery to correct a fractured cheekbone. The South Korean striker has been tested amid concerns about an injury to the left cheekbone of his face. According to MailOnline . During a tackle with Chancel Mbemba in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday night, November 1, 2022 ago.

Son Heung-min's healing timeframe revealed after cheekbone surgery

          and on Wednesday night Spurs insist Son will need surgery to fix the damage caused by the collision. They issued a statement saying “After the surgery, Son will begin his rehabilitation with our medical team. and we share the progress with the fans. The news leaves Son facing an anxious wait over whether he will be able to play at the World Cup with South Korea. Although there is little hope that he will be ready for Qatar if his recovery goes according to plan.

          Son will undergo surgery before the end of this week. This means there is a high chance he will miss the game against Liverpool on Sunday. But whether he will be available for the next game will depend on how he recovers from surgery . does not rule out the possibility that Son may be fit and wear a protective mask to play in the UFABET Premier League. The last league match before Qatar vs Leeds

    The prospect of losing Son against Liverpool and Leeds would be bad news for Spurs boss Antonio Conte , whose attacker has already injured Richarlison and Dejan Kulusev. Ski is currently unavailable. This means that Harry Kane and Lucas Moura are just two fit forwards in the Tottenham squad if Son is unable to play this weekend. In addition to identifying the extent of the cheekbone injury Son was also examined for concussions on Wednesday. The initial indication was that Naughty had not suffered a concussion. But if he had a head injury He must rest for six days.

          meanwhile The important defender, Christian Romero, has a muscle tightness. Which is expected to cause him to rest until the World Cup. Conte’s players were rested on Wednesday after their 2-1 win over Marseille on Tuesday. In fact, the players had to report to practice at 11am on Thursday. Although they had just returned from Portugal a few hours earlier. But Conte most recently rewarded the player with additional breaks after returning from France early on Wednesday, giving him two consecutive days of rest before Sunday’s game against Liverpool.