Sutton condemns Bruno after criticizing Carnacho scored the winner for Man United

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Former Premier League striker Chris Sutton has criticized Bruno Fernandes. After criticizing youngster Alejandro Carnacho for scoring the winner for Manchester United. Europa League last night

   Chris Sutton has condemned Bruno Fernandes for criticizing Alejandro Carnacho after Manchester United beat Real Sociedad 1-0 in the Europa League last night. Past Carnacho performed impressively and scored the winning goal for Manchester United. United in Spain But that wasn’t enough to prevent Erik ten Hag’s side from finishing second in Group E. Meaning they now face the Europa League play-offs in February.

Sutton condemns Bruno after criticizing Carnacho scored the winner for Man United

          The 18-year-old has hardly played for Manchester. United this season But after the victory over Real Sociedad Fernandes accused The midfielder limited his chances of playing for the first team because of his bad attitude during the club’s pre-season. Ndes said of Carnacho after Manchester United’s win over Real Sociedad: “Obviously he’s very young. He’s doing really well.” “At the beginning of the season he wasn’t at his best. And that’s why he hasn’t been given a chance until now.” “He was given a chance because he trained better. He had a different attitude. And he deserves a chance.”

          Fernandes also spoke to the UFABET club’s television broadcaster MUTV , and he highlighted the attitude issues that limit Carnacho’s opportunities. He said of the teenage footballer, “ He didn’t get a chance before. because he didn’t train well enough And it’s not good enough in terms of mind and heart.” “He has changed from that point on. That’s why he was given the opportunity. Everyone is happy for him and really happy for his goal.”

  When asked about Fernandes’ comments on Carnacho , former Premier League striker Chris Sutton told BT Sport it wasn’t necessary. Ten Hag wants to leave Manchester United is the harmony ” ” I was really surprised. with that He can use other words.” “Tonight, Carnacho had a great game. He is one of Manchester United’s real deadliest. “I don’t understand that from Bruno. He’s better than that.”

          Paul Scholes, who analyzes the game at BT Sport , thinks the attitude problem Fernandes is referring to may be caused by the Argentine’s pride after being called up to the national team. “He said it was pre-season, right? So he probably got a bit overwhelmed in the summer,” Scholes said. Maybe playing with [Lionel] Messi, he came back and thought this was me. I’m part of this team.” “He’s young, he’s going to have to learn. His attitude had changed. And we see the benefits of that. Now he really looks like a great young player.”