7 dangerous signs of heart disease that we should be aware of especially on working days – senior citizens

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diseases that occur with our internal organs We may not see must therefore rely on observation or recognize the feelings that arise for good instead Because these signs may be early symptoms that are dangerous to the body. Especially diseases that occur with important organs like “heart

7 dangerous signs of heart disease that we should be aware of especially on working days - senior citizens

Heart disease is a disease name that encompasses four main symptoms. In some parts of the heart are ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com:

  1. heart muscle
  2. coronary artery
  3. heart valve
  4. pericardium

but no matter what part of the heart We can collectively have heart disease which is life threatening Because the heart is an organ that helps pump blood to different parts of the body. If the heart cannot work efficiently, many parts of the body will gradually lack blood and eventually stop working.

Non-heart disease symptoms

There are many symptoms associated with breasts. but not heart disease.

  • take a deep breath then chest pain It could be the pectoral muscles. Abnormal rib muscles or pleural abnormalities
  • sweating from the tips of the hands and feet It could be just another disorder, such as excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.

heart disease risk group

  • Having certain underlying diseases that are risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure Hyperlipidemia, obesity, smoking
  • Family Genetic Risk Factors Have you ever had a family member with heart disease? or heart malfunction before

7 Dangerous Signs of “Heart Disease”

  1. Tightness in the chest, feeling like someone is sitting on the chest Or step on the chest
  2. I felt a throbbing sensation in my left jaw. Cracked to the left forearm. or crack down to the stomach area
  3. Dizziness, loss of consciousness, sudden dizziness
  4. Sweating, palpitations, rapid and sudden heartbeat
  5. Tired easily, unable to lie down Sleeping at night and having to wake up panting, walking nearby, feeling tired. will be more and more Which must be careful may be heart failure.
  6. Swollen legs, shins or toes on both sides, if you press down with your fingers, you will see a dimple. and when the finger is lifted up, the meat has not yet recovered together with being tired
  7. Unable to lie down, more distension

If you have such symptoms, you should see a doctor at the hospital urgently.

How to prevent heart disease

Although it is a dangerous disease But can be prevented by choosing good food. beneficial to the body Reduce unrefined carbohydrates such as flour, sugar, white rice, bakery. Focus on low-fat protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as regular exercise. get enough rest And most importantly, annual health check-ups can help reduce the risk of heart disease.