7 foods that nourish the brain Enhance good memory in your child That mothers have to prepare every meal!

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I believe that every parent wants their beloved child to be a child with a good memory. Because having a good memory will help promote your child’s learning to be more effective. Parents can build their child’s brain to remember easily by nourishing the brain from the food they eat each day. Let’s take a look at the 7 brain-nourishing foods that we would like to recommend to parents to choose for their children to consume often.

7 foods that nourish the brain Enhance good memory in your child That mothers have to prepare every meal!

1.Fish Fish
is a food that is easily digested. Plus it gives a delicious taste. And it is often a favorite of many children. Importantly, fish is rich in omega 3. which is a substance that helps nourish the brain to be able to remember well Not suffering from forgetfulness However, parents do not need to let their children eat only salmon. Because whether it’s mackerel, grouper, common fish, catfish, catfish, or sea bass. All of them are equally high in Omega 3.

2. Eggs:
Eggs are considered a food that can be used to create a variety of delicious menus. It is also a favorite among children. Most importantly, eggs are rich in protein, which is a necessary substance for the body. Contains choline that helps promote brain function. and helps with remembering well It also helps repair worn-out parts in the body as well.

3. Nuts,
various types of nuts Rich in various vitamins The vitamins obtained from beans are very beneficial to the body. It also helps stimulate brain function. Importantly, nuts also contain unsaturated fats, which are good fats for the heart. In particular, walnuts and almonds are nuts that are recommended for children to eat frequently, but their intake should be limited to no more than 250 grams per day and it is not recommended to eat them sprinkled with salt or baked in salt. To prevent the body from getting too much sodium.

In addition to being a fruit with a beautiful color and very delicious to eat. It also gives a sweet and sour taste. Which is the favorite flavor of children. In addition, strawberries are rich in vitamin C. This is not only a nutrient that helps prevent colds or allergies. But it also helps nourish the brain well. Part of this is because strawberries also contain anthocyanin.

5. Carrots
Carrot is a vegetable that is very high in vitamins that are beneficial to the brain. which various nutrients that is rich in carrots Stimulates brain function and helps with memory as well. Therefore, parents should let their children eat carrots at least once a week.

6. Ginkgo Ginkgo
is an herb that children love. can eat easily It is also an herb that is known to be effective in treating brain diseases. This is because the obvious benefit of ginkgo is that it helps promote the functioning of the circulatory system within the brain. and improves brain performance Until it helps prevent forgetfulness well

7. Soybean juice:
Soybean juice is rich in carbohydrates. which is a nutrient that provides energy to the body Contains calcium and phosphorus that help nourish the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com body. And there are also other nutrients. There are many things that are necessary for the brain. Thus helping to increase memory in the brain. and effectively prevents the occurrence of dementia

How are you doing with the types of brain-nourishing foods that we recommend that parents find for their children to eat often? It can be seen that many types are food that is nearby or may be food that parents already give their children to eat on a regular basis. But to get the best results for your child’s brain. Parents should limit the amount of each type of food to be appropriate. So that your child’s body receives these nutrients in sufficient quantities to meet the body’s needs as well.